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What is an eBump?

Simply put, an eBump is built using LCD screens that are seamlessly placed on the passenger side door of cars facing the sidewalk and a software system that allows advertisers to pay drivers to display ads on these screens. These screens are easy to remove and do not require any permanent modifications to cars in order to work.

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A New Way To Advertise

Sell Digital Ad Space

Looking for a unique way to get your advertisement out into the world? It’s as simple as adding your ads into our system with prerequisites (such as location, payment specifics, and more), and when a screen becomes available, we will go through our database and take all ads whose filters line up with both the advertiser’s and the driver’s preferences and choose one of the available ads to display. Best of all, our unique facial detection provides you with the analytics you need to make wise decisions for your business.

Want to get paid for your daily drive? eBumps make it effortless to bring in money by adding passive income into your life. Our system provides a way for anyone with a car to be paid for no additional work in their everyday lives — just drive and get paid, simple as that! Additionally, drivers can choose to use their eBump to display ads from businesses and brands they believe in.

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