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What is an eBump?

Simply put, an eBump is built using LCD screens that are seamlessly placed on the passenger side door of cars facing the sidewalk and a software system that allows advertisers to pay drivers to display ads on these screens. These screens are easy to remove and do not require any permanent modifications to cars in order to work.

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A New Way To Advertise

Sell Digital Ad Space

Looking for a unique way to get your advertisement out into the world? It’s as simple as adding your ads into our system with prerequisites (such as location, payment specifics, and more), and when a screen becomes available, we will go through our database and take all ads whose filters line up with both the advertiser’s and the driver’s preferences and choose one of the available ads to display. Best of all, our unique facial detection provides you with the analytics you need to make wise decisions for your business.

Want to get paid for your daily drive? eBumps make it effortless to bring in money by adding passive income into your life. Our system provides a way for anyone with a car to be paid for no additional work in their everyday lives — just drive and get paid, simple as that! Additionally, drivers can choose to use their eBump to display ads from businesses and brands they believe in.

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eBumps benefit everyone!

  • A powerful way to strengthen advertisers’ brands
  • Drivers make passive income
  • Pedestrians enjoy more accurate, relevant ads

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Control Your Message


Boost Your Brand


Create Experiences


Drive Engagement

For Drivers


Earn Passive Income


Highly Convenient


100% Customizable


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For Pedestrians




Less Invasive


More Organic


Make Smarter Decisions

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The Irresistible Visual Impact of Urban Advertising

Between 1925 and 1934, the Eiffel Tower in Paris displayed an advertisement for the carmaker Citroën made up of more than 250,000 light bulbs. The city itself has long been more than simply a place we traverse every day for all sorts of menial purposes, it’s also a visual language, a symbol context within which meaning is produced at the level of design, structure, form, movement, etc. The city informs our lives with its visual cacophony of stimulations.

No one could miss the simple, glowing impact of having the iconic Eiffel Tower upholding the brand name Citroën. The effect of something so bold and ingenious can really cut through the cacophony and really help one’s message stand out.

Still, by our standards today, that may be a more invasive advertising strategy than our sensibilities may accept. While our cities have long been colonized by advertisements, advertisers must adapt to stay relevant and in-tune with their messaging. Today, it’s all about movement and flow. LCD screens, color, and the whole Las Vegas effect still dominates the streets of New York.

eBumps is here to do something a bit more subtle and precise though; we want to help usher in a new era of advertising, where advertisements are no longer inorganic or invasive, but instead location- and time-related.

In the long-term, eBumps will expand beyond New York City, with an overarching mission to give people back the power of their personal space, and present the world with more approachable advertising.

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Socially Conscious Advertising in New York City

America is a society especially fixated on the concept of choice, and we have a special taste for the theatrical. Urban signs themselves are a type of theater, where advertisements for attention in contested space. Beautiful imagery, tantalizing promises, inspirational suggestions — advertisements play a role in structuring the meaning of our cities. eBumps wants to take that to a new level, with great precision, control, and subtlety. Join eBumps now for the next new movement in advertising!

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