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eBumps is a mobile advertising platform that uses both location data and the creation of a new advertising medium to provide rapid-paced and targeted advertisements to the public in a currently unseen way. The system is made up of 16-inch LCD screens that are placed on the passenger doors of vehicles facing the sidewalk. Future models will provide for a variety of screen sizes and placement options. These screens then connect with our software system that allows listed ads to be placed on the screen, in turn compensating the driver.

An advertiser will add their ads into our system with prerequisites (location, payment specifics, and more) and thus when a screen becomes available, we will go through our database and take all ads whose filters line up with both the advertiser’s and the driver’s preferences and choose one of the available advertisements.

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We find ourselves to be dual focused, providing benefit to both consumers and to advertisers.

We find ourselves to be dual-focused, providing benefits to both consumers and to advertisers.

Our goal is to add a new payment stream into the lives of an everyday driver that requires no additional work for them. Different from the way we have seen the gig economy provide additional monetization to a user if they are willing to add more work into their lives, we allow a user to provide additional personal monetization while merely continuing their regular driving patterns.

We believe this is a system that will see high use rates on the user side which in turn increases the value for advertisers and businesses.

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