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The explosive rise of GrubHub along with other commercial delivery vehicle services around the world has led to the creation of a whole new class of vehicles, and with them the potential to garner immense exposure to target audiences. Utilizing an eBump — an LCD screen that cycles through location-specific ads on the passenger side door of vehicles — creates opportunities for you to reach your audience in a memorable, modern way. eBumps is here to revolutionize out-of-home advertising.

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  • Unique, exciting ads

  • Extremely relevant

  • Totally customizable

  • Super-targeted

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Earn Extra Passive Income as a GrubHub Driver

eBumps aren’t only immensely valuable for advertisers, they also provide GrubHub drivers with an opportunity to earn passive income as they drive. With an eBump on the side of your vehicle (which you can get from us for free, by the way), drivers can make up to $3,600 of additional income a year with no extra work whatsoever!

Earn Extra Cash As You Drive!

Nothing beats getting paid to do what you’re already doing, and by offering space on your vehicle to advertisers and brands you care about, you can do precisely that! eBumps are easy to attach to the outside of your vehicle, and the app for setting one up with your specifications is simple and intuitive as well. Ready to get started with eBumps? Sign up to drive today and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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Why Advertisers Choose eBumps

Just to name a few reasons…

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Create sleek, attractive ads

  • Target specific regions, time of day, and much more

  • Reach new, untapped markets

  • Digitally attributable ROI

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Dominate The Streets

No matter the size of your business, customized advertising solutions through eBumps are a cost-effective way to strengthen your brand, reach new customers, and grow your business through more intelligent advertising.

By placing real-time ads on car-mounted LCD screens, eBumps gives advertisers a way to bypass traditional marketing platforms and appeal directly to customers in a novel and memorable new way. Reach out to us today to get started!

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