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4 Best Advertising Strategies in NYC in 2021

As a New York City business owner, you’ve always been faced with the challenge of affordably and effectively attracting potential customers and strengthening your brand’s recognition. However, in times of economic difficulty, such as we’re facing now, your small business’s very survival rests on your ability to maintain old customers and appeal to new ones; the stakes have been raised. Between March and September of 2020, more than 6,000 businesses closed in the Big Apple due to COVID-19-related revenue drops. Businesses have had to pivot hard to simply survive.

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated small businesses around the country, and emergency federal aid has failed to provide a cushion to businesses that are unlikely to recover any time soon. Many businesses have gone through a process of near constant reinvention in their attempts to survive — shifting their focus to web sales, adapting to changing in-person regulations, or even building out gift card and charity campaigns to help the business keep going.

With all this in mind, this article goes over some advertising strategies for small businesses that can help keep your business alive and even potentially thriving, depending on your market, in 2021. There are no silver bullets, but there are things you can do as a small business to maximize your chances of survival and uncover new opportunities for increasing your revenue.

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Pandemic Advertising 101

Early on in the 2020 pandemic, we saw a barrage of COVID-19 ads practically everywhere, with constant appeals to unity, social responsibility, and heartwarming stories. In 2021, this “disastering” strategy is less likely to be as effective, since by now the pandemic is “old news.” Advertising opportunities in 2021 likely lay more in building personalized, lasting relationships with audiences from a safe distance and utilizing digital advertising to keep growing. Depending on your situation, different advertising strategies may be called for. Consider the following as ways to continue adapting and growing your business this year.

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#1: Focus On Your Current Customers First

Consolidating the customers you currently have is an important way to protect yourself from financial precarity. Advertising online through platforms such as Facebook or Instagram is practically a necessity for many businesses, when it comes to maintaining brand awareness and driving repeat sales. Creating services and ad campaigns that target current customers’ needs and interests is critical for maintaining stable cash flow and keeping loyal customers involved.

#2: Don’t Overlook Real-World Advertising

Due to lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, many business neglect to pursue opportunities in real-world advertising. Of course, it can get expensive and, with fewer people seeing your ads, it can simply become not worth it. However, eBumps provides an affordable, effective opportunity for small businesses to advertise in New York City in a way that has the same advantages of online advertising, but also the advantages of being location- and time-specific. eBumps are, to put it simply, LCD screens on the sides of vehicles, such as airport shuttles and food trucks, that cycle through ads based on advanced metrics to maximize engagement. This system has enormous value for advertisers who want to get their message out there to very specific audiences, such as local brick-and-mortar shops promoting special offers within a 5-mile radius of their business. eBumps are...

  • Totally customizable

  • Super targeted

  • Extremely effective

  • Highly relevant

  • Fresh and exciting

  • A powerful way to strengthen your brand

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#3: Increase Your Online Presence

Increasing your online presence is crucial for keeping your business alive and well. While retail sales are down, eCommerce is picking up the pieces, as more and more people move to online shopping. As much as possible, making your products and services easily accessible online is critical for New York City businesses going forward. This is a trend that was already in the works before the pandemic, but the pandemic accelerated the economic transitions. Businesses capable of adapting and utilizing online advertising and platforming are much more likely to maintain sufficient market share for survival and growth. Email automations, user-friendly websites, social media, and other dimensions of online marketing all are important to consider.

#4: Find Where Your Target Audience Is

Due to transformations accelerated by the pandemic, people have shifted the way they engage and search for products and services. Finding where your target audience is hanging out and focusing your paid advertising channels strategy there is better than a scattershot approach, trying to do Twitter ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, etc. all at once. For example, if your business is all about selling makeup, focusing on Instagram ads is probably going to be more valuable than Google. Or, if you sell software for entrepreneurs, LinkedIn may be a more effective platform to focus your energy and advertising budget on.

Survive & Thrive With Advertising Strategies Best-Suited for the State of Your Market in 2021

Digital marketing strategies are a central component for any NYC business in 2021 looking to compete in a contracted market. The key piece of advice to take away from this article is that you need to be focusing on your customers’ priorities as much as possible. Now’s the time for focusing hard on building loyal customers who are repeat-buyer and cultivating brand loyalty. However, one must not forego other avenues besides online digital advertising. Other, affordable advertising opportunities exist worth trying out — notable among them being digital mobile advertising with eBumps. eBumps are a way of affordably and effectively saturating your message to people in a way that may not otherwise engage with your brand. If you would like to learn more about advertising on eBumps, read our page about affordable, location-specific mobile ads.