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Advertise on Grubhub Vehicles, Food Trucks, & Hotel Shuttles

With the rise of new delivery services as part of the burgeoning gig economy, new opportunities for advertisers to get their message out proactively have been created. However, these aren’t utilized anywhere close to their full potential. eBumps takes this opportunity and presents you with a revolutionary new way to advertise your brand or products in a highly targeted, mobile way.

How does it work? Drivers opt in to have LCD screens attached to the passenger door of their vehicle, which cycles through ads based on location, time of day, and many other metrics that you control. This system sees high-use rates on the user side, which in turn increases the value for advertisers and consumers alike.

In particular, one excellent area for advertisers AND for drivers is to have eBumps installed on food delivery vehicles, food trucks, and hotel shuttles. All three of these options are already making the driver money, but now they can earn even more simply by driving around doing what they normally do. For advertisers, having your ads appear on the side of professional vehicles such as these gives you a stable, predictable, and situationally specific context within which to promote your brand or products. For example, if you have a business at the airport, it would be very beneficial to have ads on the side of shuttles. Or, if you produce and sell taco sauce or have another related service, ads on the side of a taco truck would obviously be very convertible and highly relevant. This is good for consumers as well as for drivers and advertisers, as it means ads that are more relevant to their lives and what they’re doing. For advertisers, the appeal is also obvious:

  • Fresh, exciting ads

  • Extremely relevant

  • Totally customizable

  • Super targeted

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Food Truck Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Traditionally, advertisers have had signage options and could get custom-designed vehicle stickers and skins for their fleet. This is a fairly limited and expensive strategy though. A great opportunity to get your message out there that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is to use eBumps for greater flexibility and lower prices. Similarly, with eBumps an advertiser will be able to understand their ROI through the visualization of impression data which is not available with car wraps. One way eBumps can be used, for example, is on the side of participating food trucks. Those trucks get paid for just having ads on them, while advertisers reach consumers’ hearts through their stomachs! Food truck advertising campaigns can be very successful, with brands such as Virgin Mobile, Gap, and Air France, all getting pieces of that pie. It’s a great way to engage with consumers and reach them in a unique new way.

Food Delivery Vehicle Guerilla Advertising Campaigns

Related to food trucks are food delivery vehicles, such as people delivering for Grubhub or for local shops. These drivers are already on the road all day, delivering food to people all over their region, so they might as well make some extra passive income as they drive. Advertisers benefit from a high level of saturation around the area and contextual relevance, while drivers can help themselves out financially just that much more.

When you put your ads in the eBumps system, both advertisers and drivers specify their preferences, such as location, payment specifics, and what kind of ads will be run at what time of day. The high customizability of eBumps is a significant advantage over more traditional forms of mobile vehicle advertising.

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Hotel & Airport Shuttle Advertising

Transport vehicles give advertisers access to private terminals, parking lots, and a unique group of potential customers. Tourist travelers are often unfamiliar with an area and are more inclined than locals to spend money and try new things. This makes them an excellent target for local NYC advertisers and businesses looking to appeal to more customers. If you want to get more eyes on your ads, eBumps that are on the sides of airport and hotel shuttles are a great option for you. It’s also, just like for food delivery drivers, a great way for the driver to make extra income as well!

An Effective, Affordable New Way to Advertise

If you are tired of high-cost, low return advertising strategies, it might be time to leverage eBumps to get your message out there at a level of saturation unmatched for the price.

Once you sign up and upload your ads into our system, filling out details such as location, payment specifics, etc., all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest.

By placing real-time ads on car-mounted LCD screens, eBumps gives you the ability to bypass traditional marketing platforms and directly reach the audience of your choosing in an affordable, dynamic new way. Want to get started advertising with eBumps?

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