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How Bus Drivers Benefit from eBumps

Do you drive a bus or an airport shuttle and want to make passive income while you drive? eBumps provides you a way of making as much as an additional $3,600 a year with no additional effort. New York City drivers, in particular drivers of commercial vehicles, choose eBumps for additional income streams while they drive!

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eBumps work by putting an LCD screen (which we provide) on the passenger side door of your vehicle, and then choosing your settings in the app. There, you will be able to specify your advertising preferences, so that only advertisements from companies or industries that you want are promoted on the side of your vehicle as you drive. This allows for a driver to advertise for whatever industries they wish.

Get Paid for Advertising on Your Car, Bus, or Shuttle

Instead of getting a tacky, permanent car wrap, where you promote just one company and it can’t be changed easily, with eBumps, you don’t have that problem. Ads are location-specific and relevant, and are less intrusive than traditional mobile vehicle advertising practices.

Getting paid for advertising on your vehicle is made simple with eBumps. We provide you a free LCD screen so you can start getting paid immediately. What do you have to lose?

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Make Passive Income as a New York City Shuttle or Bus Driver

Driving as your profession is not always easy, especially in New York City. Oftentimes, the traffic is dangerous and the money isn’t great. Many drivers are constantly on the look-out for ways to make their work more worthwhile. eBumps provides you a way of adding extra income to your bank account each and every month, with ease. Who qualifies for an eBump?

  • Private drivers

  • Bus drivers

  • Airport shuttle drivers

  • Food truck drivers

  • And others

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Digital Mobile Vehicle Advertising That Stands Out & Looks Good On Your Vehicle

Why do advertisers want to use eBumps? Advertisers are interested in increasing brand engagement, and digital mobile advertisements are an excellent way of doing just that. Putting ads on vehicles helps them target potential customers better, maximize exposure, and reach people in unique situations. As a driver yourself, this means that space on the outside of your vehicle is valuable, and can actually earn you significant amounts of money if used wisely. eBumps connects you with advertisers whose messages and brands you pre-approve, helping you make passive income as you drive.

With an eBump on your vehicle, you are in control. You can customize every aspect of how and what ads appear as you leverage your daily commute proactively. Ready to get started?

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