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Why Food Trucks Choose eBumps For Extra Earnings in 2021

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 in 2020 transformed digital advertising from an after-thought to an absolute necessity for many businesses here in New York City. One type of business in a unique situation with some downsides and upsides are food trucks. The downsides are obvious. Fewer people going out translates into reduced revenues for most food trucks. On the upside, food trucks that are capable of adapting are able to solidify their market share and position themselves well once the economy recovers. However, staying around long enough to see that the other side of the current difficulties isn’t guaranteed, and requires creative ways to grow public engagement and increase revenues. Anything should be on the table. For example, one way to make extra earnings as a food truck business in 2021 is to get an eBump placed on the side of your vehicle. eBumps are LCD screens that share digital ads based from businesses based on location, driver preferences, and other metrics. Food trucks that get eBumps can make up to $3,600 extra income every year in a completely passive way. It’s a set-it and forget-it type of solution for increasing earnings.

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Guerrilla Marketing on Food Trucks

Guerrilla food truck campaigns are a valuable way for advertisers to get their message out there inexpensively, effectively, and creatively. The generally untapped market of advertising on the side of food-truck in a digital way is an opportunity smart business owners will jump on. Instead of having your food truck wrapped in permanent branding of other companies, an LCD screen that shares location specific ads of your own specification is a much less offensive and permanent way of earning extra income when you want to, without having to drive everywhere showcasing an ad that isn’t universally appropriate. You can just take off the screen or turn it off whenever you need to, and then earn money as you drive between locations or whenever else it works best for your business.

Oftentimes, guerrilla food truck campaigns have been something as simple as putting stickers on your vehicle, but with an eBump you can earn much more and utilize metrics to get paid for the value you are truly providing other local businesses.

You don’t need to be a marketing professional to understand the value of placing ads on the side of food trucks, for both businesses looking to reach a specific audience as well as for food truck owners looking for ways to earn extra income that doesn’t require extra effort on their behalf. eBumps are free and easy to install and implement. If you own a food truck and would like to try one out, sign up today!