How is the device powered?

The device is powered through a cord that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter.

Are all cars compatible with this?

Yes, all cars will be able to have an eBump attached to them.

What areas are eligible for an eBump?

Our initial release will target New York City in the development of a test market to understand the product and the needs of our drivers more fluidly, but if you fill out the preorder form we will inform you when eBumps are available in your area.

Do I get to choose the ads that I display? What if I don't want to display anything political on my car?

Yes, you do! When navigating to your advertising preferences, you are able to choose companies or industries that you would not like to advertise for and similarly, you will have the ability to choose companies and industries that you show preference to.

How is payment calculated?

The payment takes in location data such as location, time of day, and area popularity in order to understand the value your advertising possesses based on location based impression data.

How much can I make with an eBump?

Although a wavering payment system based on area, time-of-day, and more, we estimate that you could make up to an additional $4,800 a year.

When and how do I get paid?

As you drive, at the termination of each advertisement that you run, a payment will be added to your account. You will have the ability to have this payment deposited into your account weekly, every two weeks, or every month.

How much does an eBump cost?

You can get an eBump for free!

What do you mean by location-targeted advertising?

What we mean by this is that a business will have the opportunity to choose the location that their advertisements run. For example, if you are a pizza shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, it may not be useful to run this ad all the way in the Bronx. Thus you have the ability to choose a radius of blocks where your ad will run (most likely in the area surrounding your store) and then when a car running your ad leaves this area it will switch to another advertisement.

How do I get an eBump on my car?

If you fill out the preorder form under the Drivers page, we will add you to the list of interested drivers. Once fully available to the public, we will reach out with the necessary steps to order an eBump. It will be shipped to you alongside a small application piece and adhesive which will allow you to mount the eBump seamlessly.

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