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Next Generation Vehicle Advertising

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Cost-effective, highly targeted digital ads on the streets of NYC.

On the simplest level, advertising is all about promoting and spreading awareness about a service, product, or idea. In the same light, mobile vehicle advertising is all about reaching an audience from the street to drive impressions and generate attention. Saturating a physical region is an effective way of getting eyes on your brand and building strong interest in your company or a specific service you have to offer. However, the costs are often prohibitively high. One solution for that has been to put ads on the sides of buses, cars, and other vehicles on the road, to get the message out there, circulating around the city. However, there are serious limitations with that method as well. Traditional marketing on the sides of vehicles does integrate with advanced data analytics, it only allows for one ad at a time, and it is limited to a static image and is rarely able to leverage digital technology to strengthen and customize ads.

eBumps solves all those problems, while also giving advertisers the power to run highly customized, location-targeted outdoor advertisements for far, far less cost than any alternative platforms.

How does it work? Simple. The eBumps system entails an LCD screen placed on the side of the vehicles of participating drivers, which then cycle through ads as they drive around New York City. This system also utilizes a unique facial detection to provide you with the analytics you need to make wise decisions for the future of your business and advertising strategy.

When you put your ads in the eBumps system, both advertisers and drivers choose their preferences, such as location, payment specifics, and what kind of ads are to be run at what time of day. The customization of eBumps benefits both advertisers and drivers alike, in a big way. Want to sign up to be a driver or get started advertising through eBumps? Contact us today!



eBumps empowers your company with...

  • Face detection for advanced analytic data

  • Highly customized settings

  • Location-specific ad placement

  • A fresh and exciting promotional strategy

  • A powerful new way to strengthen your brand

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Unlimited Exposure


Eye-Catching Promotions


Easy to Change



eBumps Are a Great Way to Implement Active Advertising

Many types of advertising are entirely passive. With eBumps, you are in control of countless dimensions of your promotions and branding, and are able to change your outreach strategy instantly. You can use:

  • Limited time only promotions
  • Geo-targeted advertising
  • Mixed media marketing
  • Time of day controls
  • And much more

Besides the flexibility and ability to create more active, engaging marketing campaigns, eBumps also benefit you by:


#1: Increasing Exposure

Few strategies are as effective as mobile vehicle advertising for location-based exposure. Unlike traditional vehicle advertising, with cars wrapped with branding or pulling a sign in a special trailer, our digital advertising is far less expensive and far more scalable. The kind of exposure you get by having a digital LED screen on the sides of participating drivers’ cars is invaluable. Even more, because this is a new approach to marketing, if you join early you’ll benefit by being at the forefront of an entirely new way of reaching your audience.

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#2: Catching Eyes

Some ads just blend into the background. With eBumps, you immediately have an advertising platform that is designed to grab attention and is hard to miss. Whether for other drivers or people walking on the sidewalk or looking out windows, choose eBumps to attract attention and communicate your message more effectively.


#3: Making a Positive Impression

The eBumps platform is not only eye-catching, it’s also eye-catching in a way that isn’t so obtrusive. Some advertising, especially loud audio or garish signs, force everyone to take notice. While in some cases this can be a fair marketing strategy, typically you want to avoid making strong negative impressions on potential customers. With eBumps, it’s largely about inviting people to learn more about your business, offer, or service, not forcing an encounter.



#4: Saving Money

eBumps are a cost-effective means of getting your message out there. If you are tired of high cost, low return advertising strategies, eBumps is here to help you get your message out there in a new, affordable way. All you have to do is sign up and upload your ads into the system, then fill out all the specifications such as location, payment plans, etc. After that, all you have to do is relax; we’ve got you taken care of from there!

What makes eBumps especially great value is that we utilize facial detection to generate analytics reflecting the effectiveness of your ads for driving engagement. By placing real-time ads on car-mounted LCD screens, eBumps gives you the opportunity to bypass traditional marketing platforms and impact audiences directly in a way multiple times less expensive than taking out a static billboard in NYC. Want to get started advertising with eBumps?

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#5: Targeting Specific Locations

Unlike billboards or posters, eBumps are mobile, so you can activate ads precisely where you expect them to be most effective. What is more, as more and more consumers are valuing local companies over less-personal ones, location targeting can give you a massive advantage in your market. Make your brand more personal and local by using eBumps to create the intended impression in your neighborhood.


#6: Supplementing Your Broader Advertising Strategy

eBumps work great supplementing your broader marketing strategy. By integrating it with your strategy, your brand can reach more potential clients while maintaining the same look and feel, giving your business a consistent and distinct image and feel for people to associate you with.


#7: Advertising Effort-Free

You don’t have to hire someone to dance on a street corner or negotiate over some billboard space with eBumps. We offer you an effective, in-motion advertising method, helping you easily reach thousands of potential customers a day with ease. Drivers go around on their daily commute, and, when they enter the area you specify, your ad appears on the side on the side of their vehicle at the time and frequency you choose.


#8: Driving More Leads

The potential for growing your leads is endless with mobile exposure. Potential customers experience your portions in a non-intrusive, innovative new way.

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Attention-Grabbing Advertising

For Small Businesses in NYC

Advertising through eBumps gives you some powerful tools for vehicle marketing. We are here to help you get your message out more effectively, make stronger impressions, and save you money in the process.

eBumps is the only company in NYC that provides you the ability to place real-time ads on car-mounted LCD screens, giving you the opportunity to bypass traditional marketing platforms and directly reach the audience of your choosing in an affordable, dynamic new way. Our advertising is highly targeted and gives you data regarding engagement to help you hone future campaigns, as well.

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Next Generation Marketing

For NYC Businesses

Stop wasting your money on advertising that doesn’t drive sufficient returns. Imagine that, whenever you wanted, vehicles could be out on the streets spreading the ad of your choosing to in a laser-focused way. That dream is now a reality. eBumps provides you with an advertising opportunity in New York City that you shouldn’t miss out on. Want to experience this effective new advertising strategy for yourself?

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