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eBumps turn food trucks into a blank canvas for promoting your brand, selling new products, and dramatically improving your marketing outreach — no matter what your team wants to focus on. Provide consumers a new, exciting way to engage with your brand by having your custom ads shown on the side of food trucks. How does it work?

The hardware-side of an eBump is essentially an LCD screen that is seamlessly placed on the passenger side door of vehicles, facing the sidewalk. The software-side of things is a real-time, super-customizable, analytics-driven system designed to dramatically increase brand awareness, target specific regions, time of day, etc, reach new, untapped markets, and digitally track ROI. When it comes to delivering concrete, quantified ad results, eBumps provides you a solution that will exceed your expectations.


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Advertise Through eBumps

  • Total Customization — The tools you need to meet the unique goals of your advertising campaign

  • Advanced Data Capture & Analytics — Measure the success of your campaigns and quantify consumer engagement

  • Win, Win, Win — You get a memorable, effective new tool for advertising, customers get more relevant, useful ads, and food truck drivers earn passive income simply by having an eBump activated on their vehicle

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Food Truck Marketing For Your Business

With the steadily increasing popularity of food trucks in major cities all around the United States, a whole new class of potential advertising opportunities is expanding as well. Food trucks can take your ads places that are normally never or very difficult to reach. They also provide a unique context to share your message or brand. There is enormous potential to garner immense exposure to your target audience by advertising on food trucks. However, finding individual vehicles to put ads on is both inefficient and expensive to do at a large scale. With eBumps, however, those obstacles are overcome. We provide an opportunity for businesses and other advertisers to promote their brand in a more efficient, inexpensive, and effective way.

eBumps are a novel, memorable way to communicate your message. When people see an LCD screen showing your location-specific ads on the passenger side of a food truck, it can be a very effective way to impact people in a way that is rarely achieved in out-of-of-home advertising.

The Future of Digital Advertising Is Here

Earn Passive Income as a Food Truck Driver

eBumps aren’t only immensely valuable for advertisers, they also provide food truck drivers with an opportunity to earn passive income as they drive as well. When you put an eBump on the side of your vehicle (which you can get from us for free, by the way), drivers can make up to $3,600 extra income a year with no extra work whatsoever!

Passive Income As You Drive!

Margins can be tight with food truck businesses. With expenses such as gas, equipment, staff, and more all adding up, every little bit extra can help. By offering space on the outside of your food truck to potential advertisers in an unobtrusive, easy-to-take-on-and-off way, you can earn extra income simply by doing what you already are doing.

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Provide Your Audience Unique Experiences

  • Build Excitement and Engagement

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Present Exclusive Offers

  • Personalized, Actionable Experiences

  • Reach New, Untapped Markets

  • Digitally Attributable ROI

  • More Meaningful Connections

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Bring Your Advertising Vision to Life

From ideation to execution, our team provides you the resources to bring your vision to life. eBumps provide advertisers a cost-effective new way to strengthen their brand, reach highly-targeted niches, and grow their business through memorable, intelligent advertising.

Once you get started with eBumps and see the results coming in, you’ll be telling your friends and colleagues about this revolutionary new way to advertise that bypasses traditional, expensive marketing platforms and delivers excellent results for your business. Ready to get started?

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