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An effortless, convenient way to make up to $3,600 extra income a year

Looking for a way to add some passive income into your life? If you’re in your car on a regular basis, eBumps provides the perfect solution. Requiring no modifications to your vehicle, eBumps display advertisements from brands and missions that you identify with.

Simply place the eBump LCD screen on your vehicle and go about your life as normal. You make money simply by driving!

Need to take it off? Not a problem! Want to earn some income? An eBump makes it easy to earn money effortlessly. If you are in New York City, sign up today and start making passive income!

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You’re in the Driver’s Seat

  • Specify your advertisement preferences

  • Remain in control of the ads you share

  • Earn passive income on your own terms

  • Leverage your daily commute proactively

  • Customize every aspect of your mobile advertising

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Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier - Sell Digital Ad Space On Your Car

Nothing beats getting paid to do what you’re already doing, and by offering space on your eBump to advertisers and brands you care about, you can do just that! An eBump easily attaches to the exterior of your passenger side door, and our software connects your eBump with available companies in your area. It really is that simple.

It’s easy to go through a car wash, park in your garage, and go about life as usual — all while putting extra money in your bank account. You could make up to $3,600 each year just for driving your car the way you normally do. Ready to get started with eBumps? Sign up to drive today and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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What Does It Cost?

You can get an eBump for free! As a driver, we provide you with an LCD screen and you can start getting paid immediately. What do you have to lose?

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Get an eBump on Your Car in New York City Today

eBumps currently is only available for drivers and businesses in and around New York City, though we intend to expand beyond NYC, with an overarching mission to give people back the power of their personal space, and present the world with more approachable advertising.

By placing real-time ads on car-mounted LCD screens, eBumps is able to bypass traditional marketing platforms and allow for highly customized, dynamic advertisements in a revolutionary new way. Want to be part of this new platform and start making passive income simply by driving around as normal?

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