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Out-of-Home Advertising Can Drive Consumer Visits to Quick-Service Locations in Powerful Ways

Combining your restaurant's fast service with out-of-home advertising (OOH) is a winning strategy for growing your business. Out-of-home advertising is proven to extend outreach, amplify your marketing campaigns, and drive consumers to engage with and choose your restaurant over the competition. According to OOH, 41% of people who see your ads are more likely to learn about your brand; 70% of people claim that OOH ads were at least somewhat impactful with their purchase decisions; 35% consider buying a product after seeing an advertisement. You don’t have to be an advertising wiz to understand that those numbers are not to be shrugged at. The power of OOH is only second in its impact to television. Why is that? Because it works. It’s an efficient and effective way to make a large impact. And, when combined with the more impulse-driven nature of fast food and other quick-service restaurants and other businesses, it makes for a very powerful combination. There are, however, a number of problems with traditional forms of out-of-home advertising.

  1. It’s expensive — The costs of a billboard somewhere near your business may be prohibitively expensive.
  2. It’s trial-and-error — You get very little concrete data about how effective or ineffective a traditional OOH advertisement is.
  3. It’s tied to one place — While this is somewhat circumvented with mobile vehicle wraps and mobile billboards, even those are highly limited in their impact, are only one vehicle, and can be quite expensive — not to mention a bit garish, sometimes.

eBumps, aware of the limited nature of traditional OOH advertising, and the potential for leveraging modern technology and data analytics for more powerful ads, has created a system for delivering unsurpassed value to our clients for engaging your audience. eBumps are…

  1. Affordable — Costs are absorbed due the scaled-up nature of our business, giving you access to otherwise hard-to-reach public spaces in terms of advertising wherein you otherwise would not be able to.

  2. Strategic — eBumps involve the collection, measurement, and organization of key metrics relating to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign based on dozens of triangulated dimensions, including location, visual engagement, time of day, and much more. Want to A/B test your advertisements? With eBumps it’s easy — unlike with a billboard, where costs are so high.

  3. Massively Scalable — Key to how eBumps helps your business become successful and attract more customers is through repetition and saturation. What do we mean? Think about it like this: you’re out on the street and see a car drive by with an LCD screen showing an ad to a restaurant just around the corner. However, you were, at the same time, distracted and thinking about something else, so it doesn’t register very strongly. What happens with car wraps or mobile billboards is that people see it once, and that’s usually that. However, with eBumps, because there are so many participating drivers, when you decide when and where your campaign is to be presented, you can bet that there will likely be many different vehicles with eBumps moving in that area. Someone may not have seen it the first time, but through repetition and saturation of messaging, consideration by the viewer of following through on your call to action becomes much, much more likely.

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How Does An eBump Work?

You may be wondering at this time — how exactly does an eBump work? We go into all the details on our “What Is An eBump” page. In brief, an eBump is, at its core, hardware and software that potentializes out-of-home advertising that is profitable and effective for both advertisers as well as drivers.

The Hardware

The hardware is centrally an LCD screen that is seamlessly installed on the passenger side door of vehicles, including GrubHub delivery vehicles, food trucks, airport shuttles, and others, that faces the sidewalk and presents ads uploaded to the eBumps online system to be displayed at intervals, locations, etc. of the advertisers’ choosing.

The Software

The software is the integrated system for making it all happen — tracking drivers, calculating value, presenting simple, powerful tools for controlling your marketing campaigns, and much more.


The Future of Digital Advertising Is Here.

What Quick-Service Businesses Benefit Most From eBumps?

While most businesses will find great value in using eBumps for strengthening the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, quick-service businesses are, statistically speaking, seeing some of the highest ROI. We’re talking about businesses such as:

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  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Fast Casual Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Bakeries
  • Dry Cleaners
  • And More!

The big two here are fast food restaurants and fast casual restaurants. Digital mobile vehicle advertising with eBumps gives you the well-known marketing boost you get from traditional forms of OOH advertising and then some, by providing a whole suite of tools for customization and specification. Try out this revolutionary new way of saturating the OOH advertising space today!

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The Power of eBumps for OOH Advertising for Quick-Service Brands

Why are eBumps so effective at reaching the out-of-home advertising space? There are a number of key reasons:

  • eBumps drive repeat visits — In particular for quick-service brands, the frequency that someone visits (and in particular REVISITS) your restaurant is likely to increase multiple times over with the advertising saturation we provide you.
  • A more targeted journey — Unlike with billboards or other static OOH advertising, eBumps are customizable to target specific times of days along with other factors to distribute more targeted marketing campaigns that make the most sense for your audience.
  • Superior exposure — eBumps are an efficient, cost-effective way to maximize your exposure in very specific areas. If someone is hungry, for example, and walking near a fast-casual restaurant, it would make sense to present them with a special offer and a call to action to come visit your restaurant 100 meters away, just around the corner. When used in concert with online marketing and other forms of marketing in particular, eBumps are very effective at saturating areas of potential advertising that otherwise may be prohibitively expensive or too difficult to target otherwise

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Utilize Key Data to Optimize Your Restaurant’s OOH Marketing Campaigns

  • Drive local traffic
  • Convert OOH to mobile traffic with special offers and website information
  • Geofencing and location data
  • Leverage demographic information
  • Stay under budget
  • Choose advertising people find minimally annoying
  • Inform potential customers of offers that are more relevant to them
  • Utilize a proven system that works

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A New Era For Restaurant Advertising

Utilize our enhanced targeted, measurable mobile vehicle advertising platform to adapt to the changing quick-service restaurant environment and the way that consumers are engaging with brands. With dozens of measurable tools at your disposal, eBumps give you a more scientific way of managing your out-of-home marketing campaigns. Ready to get started?

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